Pizza oven with rotating coocking floor — Model L

Pizza oven with rotating coocking floor
Pizza oven with rotating coocking floor — Model M
September 10, 2017
Stainless steel oven Verona
September 11, 2017
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Pizza oven with rotating coocking floor — Model L

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To combine the flavour of a pizza made in a wood-fired oven with the ease of using an electric oven, we introducethe rotating floor wood-fired pizza oven.

Our ovens are built from scratch from heat-resistant high-quality heat-insulated materials with the latest generation materials to ensure a low consumption of wood.

The rotating floor is electrically actuated and the rotational speed can be adjusted from the potentiometer. Also, so that the rotating floor can be heated quickly, it can be lifted up to the oven vault from the lifting and lowering lever. This is done automatically and as a result the rotating floor will automatically stop down in the working position or at the top in the heating position of the rotating floor. It is possible to stop the rotating floor in a desired intermediate position by moving the lifting and lowering lever to the middle position. All our ovens have thermo-regulated glass doors that can be used to view the baking process in real time, and a cast iron door located laterally on the right or left side.

The ideal working temperature is between 350–450 degrees Celsius.

Our ovens are made of refractory brick piece by piece in the traditional way and come already mounted on the metal structure. The fitting of the oven consists only of putting it in place and connecting it to a chimney.

Ovens are delivered already built (Not as a kit) — no assembly required.

Weight1850 kg
Dimensions175 x 240 x 175 cm

Mobi Pizza Ovens LTD.


240 pizzas / hour

Fuel type

Gas fired - Avanzini gas burner, Wood fired

Power consumption

70 W/h

Rotating floor diameter

130 cm

Wood consumption

9-12 kg/h

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