Warranty & Manuals



  • Visually inspect technical condition of the oven
  • Check the flue draught using a burning stick
  • Prepare and check technical condition of the tools that you will need for the oven operation (poker, ash shovel and brush)
  • Keep constant oven temperature by adding wood to the fire
  • Make sure that no burning wood debris falls out when the oven is in use
  • Use only appropriate tools for getting the food in and out of the oven (shovel and holders)
  • Always wear heat resistant mitts when using the oven
  • Remember that the fire is very hot so keep a safe distance when putting the food to and out of the oven
  • Always inform your manager of any fault
  • Always use protection cover when your garden oven is not in use


  • Never use petrol, oil or denatured alcohol to start the fire
  • Never use water to put out the fire
  • Never use light sources of hazardous electrical voltage
  • Never get into the oven chamber
  • Never let unauthorised persons to operate the oven
  • Never use the oven for burning kitchen waste
  • Never leave your garden oven without protection cover when not used for more than 48 hours


The oven must not be used, and it must be immediately switched off when:

  • There is extraordinary amount of exhaust fumes
  • The fire temperature very high
  • Damage to any element of the oven might affect its proper use
  • There is no proper flue draught

After a danger has been identified, put all the fire into a metal container and, when the oven has cooled down, inspect it carefully for a reason of any malfunction.


This manual is for clay/brick oven usage.

New oven must gradually be cured; for 3 to 4 days heat up the oven for approx. 2 – 3 hours a day. Failing to do so may cause cracks in the stone or in the joints.

- 8
Day 1: When lighting the first fire in the oven, ensure maximum caution is taken so that the heat of the oven does not exceed 100 C.Try and maintain the oven at this temperature for as long as possible.
Day 2: Light the oven so that the temperature does not exceed 160 C. Try and maintain the oven at this temperature for as long as possible.
Day 3: Light the oven so that the temperature does not exceed 180 C — 250 C. Try and maintain the oven at this temperature for as long as possible.
Day 4: You may light a normal fire in the oven and begin cooking.

Following the procedure described above will guarantee long life of your own. Microcracks that might appear on the outside surface of the oven dome are not cracks to the stone or joints. They are an indication that the external  tructure is drying up and, as such, they are not need a service intervention.



  1. Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd. Unit C-18, Gosforth Close, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1RB Company, hereinafter referred to as “Distributor” guarantees the quality of a wood-fired oven, hereinafter referred to as “Product”.
  2. On behalf of the Manufacturer, the Distributor is liable for Product’s physical defects (material or production) for 12 months from the date of its purchase.
  3. Warranty liability claims may be made to the Distributor by a holder of a valid warranty document and the original proof of purchase.
  4. The Client agrees to comply with all the service and maintenance conditions of the Product, as relayed to them by the Distributor and the Manufacturer.
  5. When the Product is sold, the warranty is transferred to the new user.
  6. Defects revealed during the warranty period will be removed in accordance with the schedule agreed upon by both parties.
  7. The faulty Product’s area with the VIN number shall not be tempered with.
  8. Parts exchanged in warranty repairs become the property of the Distributor. All parts exchanged in the claim handling process remain covered by warranty until the Product’s original warranty expires. Exchanged part’s warranty period does not extend the Product’s warranty.
  9. The travel cost to the faulty Product or the cost of delivery of the faulty Product from the United Kingdom is paid by the buyer.
  10. The warranty document is valid only with a proof of purchase / purchase invoice and with a Distributor representative’s signature.
  11. The Distributor is not responsible for any losses occurred while the Product cannot be used while repaired. The buyer is responsible for obtaining any relevant insurance.
  12. To all matters not settled in this Warranty Card conditions appropriate provisions of the English law shall respectively apply.
  13. This warranty shall not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer rights when the provided product is inconsistent with the purchase agreement.


The Manufacturer refuses to accept a warranty claim:

  • If it is found that the Product is used for purposes other than intended and not in accordance with the manual.
  • If the Product is delivered dirty with no legible VIN number.
  • If it is determined that the fault was caused by other reasons than a material or manufacturing defect of the Product.
  • If the warranty document is not valid or there is no proof of purchase or warranty document.
  • If the Product is found to have been modified by the Buyer in any way.


  1. Spare parts and parts subjected to normal wear.
  2. Mechanical (cracks, fractures, cuts, abrasions, physical deformations) caused by impact.
  3. Caused when the device is used or kept in extreme conditions.
  4. Caused by water damage or moisture of the electric systems.
  5. Damage resulting from using non-original parts, spare parts and accessories that are improper for a given model, resulting from repairs and alternations carried out by unauthorized persons.
  6. Resulting from keeping the device in adverse weather conditions (frost, moisture, high temperature) I have read the Terms and Conditions of the warranty and I accept them

Second hand units and units sold under special discounted price are sold without standard warranty.