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Oliver Nixon

Perfect for restaurant!

Ever since I have owned Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd trailer, my restaurant patio ceased to be merely a beer garden. The oven is the centre of my customers attention! They like to be where the actions is. When I’m taking it with me to local events, the response is always very positive. There is a huge potential for my mobile catering business

Eden Hall

Mobile oven for Food Festival

Food festivals are about innovation. Mobile pizza oven give me that flexibility and originality to make brilliant dishes for customers straight from the wood fired oven

Ann Wright

Mobile oven for concert

Nothing prepares a pizza quite like a wood-fired oven. What’s great with Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd product is that you can take it anywhere. Investment in a mobile pizza oven allowed me independence and flexibility. Moreover every event I attend I get the biggest queues.

Harry White

Mobile pizza ovens for restaurant

I dreamt of owning a restaurant, but I could not afford such a large investment. Mobi Pizza Ovens stove gave me the opportunity to pursue passions. I have teamed up with an Event Agency, I attend most outdoor events in the area. E-mails are bursting at the seams, and my customers already cannot imagine the event without fresh pizza, kebabs and fire-roasted vegetables.

Alice Brown

Mobile oven for special event

We organized a fund raising event in our local community. The day was a huge success and everybody loved the food prepared by Mobi Pizza wood fired oved which we were able to rent for the day at a very competitive price. It did not need much space, was secure and fascinated everyone who saw it. What more could you ask?!