Aluminum Perforated Round Gold Pizza Peel 33cm 150cm


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Aluminium peel with rectangular perforated head. It has a special and exclusive Gimetal treatment, G.H.A – GOLDEN HARD ANODIZING that makes it more hard-wearing, sliding, and hygienic. Perforated to reduce weight and allow removal of excess flour. G.H.A. is a special treatment of Japanese origin, it’s an anode oxidation with subsequent sealing of the micro-pores using silver ions, resulting in an aluminum alloy with superlative performance and characteristics. The new perforation guarantees the drain of the flour in two directions, ensuring an incomparable result.


•  Long lasting.  Resistance  to  corrosion,  scratches,  impacts and wear

•  Heat  resistance.  3  times  greater  than  anodised aluminium

•  Easy-sliding. Very low friction coefficient

•  Hygienic. High antibacterial and anti-mould capacity

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Dimensions 155 × 33 × 2 cm