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Are you thinking about a mobile restaurant?

Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd – is your recipe for success.

We always help our customers with advise when starting their business

Our Mobile Pizza Ovens have the potential to open up huge opportunities. Add your culinary passion, a pinch of creativity and you can set off to conquer the taste buds of your guests.
Invest in your business future. Respond to the ever increasing expectations of your customers. Be unique, and a market leader. Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd give you an opportunity for a big profit for little outlay. This innovative catering trailer will allow you access to the best locations, without investing in premises (small overheads).
You will be prepared to cater for all type event - from small family gatherings, weddings to large public events and festivals. This fantastic oven can make over 100 pizzas per hour.
High quality prepared food, combined with the finesse of cooking over a live fire will guarantee you with returning customers. With the wide range of operation, the furnace will give you endless opportunities to build your own menu.

Are you dreaming about a real mobile catering business?

Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd have the answer. Quality being the benchmark for a refined product that will meet all your needs.

You can serve any outdoor event with our superb ovens, corporate, wedding, any outdoor event and even music festival.

As an owner of a this mobile oven you can work with all types of event agencies, institutions and individual clients.

Do you want to expand your business

or refresh your brand by introducing innovative solutions?

Meets the most stringent customer requirements. Get more from your mobile kitchen.

Invite your guests to the patio and surprise them with gourmet pizza, fresh rolls and juicy meat, fragrant from a live wood fire. Present yourself in the best light at food exhibitions and festivals.

Make your restaurant be everywhere where food connoisseurs are waiting for a unique experience.

Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd allows you to spread your wings.

Do you know that pizza is most profitable food for traders?

Average profit margin on pizza is 1000%. Yes that’s true! 1000%. Sounds impossible?

With our fantastic mobile pizza oven you will be able to operate extremely successful and profitable business at very low start-up cost! Follow the latest food trends, be unique and stand out from the crowd with our quality, mobile pizza oven. Create your own, signature pizza compositions to surprise your customer’s taste buds!

Our mobile pizza oven is perfect for mobile catering traders, markets, festivals, private functions, corporate events, weddings… Delicious, authentic, wood fired Italian style pizza cooked in 90 seconds!

Brand new Piaggio Ape Pizza Conversions

Check our new mobile catering solution - Ape Pizza Conversion!

Available in two options - Open with exposed oven or enclosed. Wood fired pizza oven or gas pizza oven.

This is absolutely amazing feature for mobile catering business or to promote your restaurant.



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