Gas Burner Avanzini Drago D3 Six Control Panel Drago Six

Drago D3/Six is tailor-made to fit the total thickness of the oven floor, in which a 180 mm Ø hole (Drago D3/Six) must be drilled in order to insert the flange with thermal steel sleeve that protrudes 2–3 cm above the baking floor to protect the burner.

The new Drago D3/Six is the highest technical expression of our range of atmospheric burners specific for heating pizza ovens. The gas safety and control devices installed are the best currently available on the market, and together with the specific electronic Drago Six control panel (which is the result of experience gained during thousands of successful installations) they guarantee the maximum ease of use and baking quality, allowing to adjust the Drago flame to any oven and any type of pizza. The Drago D3/Six is the only burner on the market to offer pizza chefs the possibility to adjust both the high flame and the low flame (independently) to one of the 6 available levels, directly from the control panel.

  • BOOSTER function allows to set a timer-controlled operation in high flame for a certain number of minutes, with countdown for automatic switch-off.
  • The displays can show the temperature in C° or F°.
  • The burner can be locked on low flame whatever the pre-set desired cooking temperature.
  • The maximum cooking temperature can be set to over 500°C.
  • All buttons are built into the control panel.


Min Kw Max Kw Min Kcal/h Max Kcal/h Min mbar Max mbar Min Nm3/h Max Nm3/h Inches Volt in Watt
DRAGO D3 SIX METAN 23 51 19780 43860 10 30 2,40 5,50 1″ 230V monofase 100
DRAGO D3 SIX GPL 23 51 19780 43860 20 50 0,82 1,82 1″ 230V monophase 100