Gas Burner Avanzini Drago P1

Indications for the position of the Drago burner inlet hole in the hotplate of the wood oven, view from above. The hole may be drilled either on the right or on the left.

The gas supply must be delivered through a galvanized pipe Ø 1/2” or equivalent copper pipe, located at the burner
inlet hole, 5 cm (2”) from the ground. Install the gas ONOFF tap in a suitable position upstream.
Remember to clean the flue to free it of any ash that might have been produced by the combustion of the wood.

This model have manual thermostat.


Min Kw Max Kw Min Kcal/h Max Kcal/h Min BTU Max BTU Min mbar Max mbar Min Nm3/h Max Nm3/h Inches in Kg
P1 6 15 5,000 13,000 20,470 51,180 2,5 50 0,63 1,58 1/2 4