Fryer EuroChef SuperDora

Automatic fryer to be connected to the extractor hood  or to the flue. The brand new SuperDora FD3 features an oil tank of 13 liters and can fry up to 1,5 kg of fries or 2 kg of others products per cycle.



SUPERDORA deep fryers are automatic counter-top appliances connected to an extractor hood or flue.

They are designed for pizzerias, pubs, restaurants, kiosks, take-away outlets and street food sellers’ vans.

They operate without any need to keep an eye on the frying process and with no assistance from the operator.

SUPERDORA counter-top deep fryers cook up to 2 kg. of food at a time, but can also cook even just one portion; different foods can also be fried in the same cycle, to make exquisite mixed fried food dishes in just 2 or 3 minutes.

They are fully enclosed and vapour and fumes are expelled along a hose for connection up to 7 metres from the appliance.

The 600 g. little version is the DORA
The 600 + 600 g. double version is the MAXIDORA

With SUPERDORA you can deep fry a vast assortment of products, with perfect results every time:
And not just chips!!! Also duchesse potatoes, cheeses, onion rings, chicken wings, schnitzel, fried fish, fried custard and much, much more…….


In just a few minutes you can make delicious snacks with no need to keep an eye on the cooking process.





Once you have put the product in the hatch, you just set the pre-programmed cooking time on the keypad. When done, the appliance discharges the food into the tray, ready for serving.


1. Control keyboard
2. Load hatch
3. Discharge hopper
4. Air recycling system
5. Frying basket
6. Oil basin


Like the POM’CHEF and the MAXIFRY, DORA series automatic deep fryers do not need any maintenance; just change the oil as necessary! The appliance automatically signals the need for an oil change on the display, without stopping frying. The oil can be changed at your convenience the next day, when the appliance has cooled down.


To grow your business, without employing new staff, offering your customers countless new dishes that can be made with just one appliance.

Just ensure that the premises have an extractor hood or that an outdoor vent can be created.

Technical  data

Specifications SuperDora FD3 SuperDora FD3 boosted 
Product charging quantity 1 kg French fries, up to 2 kg of other products  1,5 kg French fries, up to 2 kg of other products
Oil capacity 13 liters  13 liters
Power supply* 380/400 V- 50/60 Hz  380/400 V- 50/60 Hz
Heating power* 4,5 kW  8,1 kW
Total power* 4.6 kW  8.2 kW
Dimensions width 62 cm, depth 67 cm, height 65 cm  width 62 cm, depth 67 cm, height 65 cm
Min. diameter of the hole for vent pipe 98 mm  98 mm
Weight 43 kg  43 kg

* Other supply voltages and power ranges are available on request