Pizza peel Gi Metal EVOLUZIONE / Aluminium, Square, Rectangular, Perforated 33cm / 186cm


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This is professional square pizza peel – Gi Metal EVOLUZIONE line

33cm x 33cm paddle and 150cm handle with 186cm total length


S.H.A. treated aluminium head, anodised handle avio color.
The peel head is made of a special treatment S.H.A. (Special Hard Anodizing): a hard oxide anodizing
that guarantees maximum protection against corrosion, wear and friction, ensuring an extreme smoothness
and maintaining the same lightness of the timeless Azzurra.
The new perforation guarantees the flour discharge in two directions, ensuring an incomparable result.


• New perforation Optimized flour discharge
• Heat  resistance  3  times  greater  than  anodised  aluminum
• Durability Great resistance to corrosion, scratches, bumps and wear
• Smoothness Very low friction coefficient

The holes reduce the friction, the quantity of flour in excess and the weight of
the tool.

The flexibility of the peel head together with the frontal milling facilitate the
scraper effect: the peel flexes to half creating a perfect adherence between the
peel and the prep table that facilitates the taking hold of the pizza.

The three rivets in line guarantee complete safety and no movement, see the
rivets used in aeronautics as junction for the metallic plates.

The handle in oval tubular guarantees a good taking, while the inside veining
guarantees an extreme resistance.

The handle base and the interim sliding grip are in a specific high-density
polymer, shock and heat-resistant.

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