Pizza turning peel Gi Metal Gold Line / Aluminium, Round, Perforated Small 20cm / 171cm


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Turn and take-out small peel, with aluminium head and handle. It has a special and exclusive Gimetal treatment, G.H.A – GOLDEN HARD ANODIZING that makes it more hard-wearing, sliding, and hygienic. Perforated to reduce weight and allow removal of excess flour.

The Gold small peel is in anodized  aluminium with special G.H.A. treatment (Golden Hard Anodizing) that makes it resistant and light as a feather.  The head is perforated for reducing the friction, the quantity of flour in excess and the weight of the tool. the handle base and the interim sliding grip are in a specific high-density polymer, shock and heat-resistant.


  • Special coating G.H.A. – exclusive Gimetal’s treatment for the pizza world
  • The lightest small pizza peel
  • Sliding interim grip



– Please do NOT use it to move wooden chops inside the oven.
– Please do NOT use it on direct flame.


The G.H.A. treatment is an exclusive of Gi.Metal for the pizza world.

The holes reduce the friction, the quantity of flour in excess and the weight of the

The flexibility of the peel head together with the frontal milling facilitate the scraper
effect: the peel flexes to half creating a perfect adherence between the peel
and the prep table that facilitates the taking hold of the pizza.

The strengthening on the head stiffen the peel guaranteeing stability and the taking
hold of the heaviest pizzas

The three rivets in line guarantee complete safety and no movement, see the rivets
used in aeronautics as junction for the metallic plates

The handle in oval tubular guarantees a good taking, while the inside veining guarantees
an extreme resistance

The handle base and the interim sliding grip are in a specific high-density polymer,
shock and heat-resistant.

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