The GIRABRUSCHETTA is the ideal oven for making mouth-watering toasted open sandwiches (“bruschetta if made the traditional Italian way) and lots of other delicious snacks.

Perfect for pubs or wine bars that wish to offer their customers a tasty hot snack but do not have a kitchen.

Much more than just a counter-top oven!
The two shelves revolve and a switch selects use of one or both for cooking at any one time depending on the quantity to be prepared.

Each shelf can accommodate up to three large bruschettas.

The GIRABRUSCHETTA has three heating elements of different power to ensure uniform cooking on both top and bottom.

Attractive, convenient and in stainless steel, it is ideal for installation in full view on the counter.

What could be tastier than a bruschetta?
Hot, crispy and delicious: perfect with a cool beer or a glass of wine.