Traditional wood fired pizza oven Pavesi JOY 120

Inside Dimentions – 120×115 CM
Weight – 860 KG
Dome Thickness – 8/10 CM
Cook Top — Cover Distance – 42 CM
Cook top height from ground – 115/125 CM
Base Insulation Thickness – 10 CM
(Microporous Panels)

Dome Insulation Thickness – 12 CM
(Kaolin Blanket)

Chimney Flue – Ø20 CM



Small yet with the capacity to bake up to 4/5 pizzas, wood fired. It has a MONOBLOCK cooktop and is recommended for restaurants seating a maximum of 40/50 people or for anyone who simply wish to give an extra service to the customers without losing space.

Exceptional performance, compact size, power consumption in line with our traditional ovens, perfect baking for the entire evening. Designed to provide a working tool of the highest standard but still unique, because it is strongly characterized in terms of aesthetics, almost a piece of design.

The cooktop is made in a single refractory block with a thickness of 7 cm and an average weight of 250 Kg.

All Pavesi traditional wood ovens can be supplied with the electronically managed gas burner Avanzini, including a special stainless steel protection that protects the nozzles of the burner from the soot of wood, so they can safely work with gas and with wood.

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