Gas Burner Avanzini Drago D2 Control Panel Drago or manual

This model is tailor-made to fit the total thickness of the oven floor, in which a 150 mm Ø hole must be drilled in order to insert the flange with thermal steel sleeve that protrudes 2–3 cm above the baking floor to protect the burner.

Drago D2 is equipped with safety devices that are certified worldwide: it has two gas controls with automatic shut-off valves and an ionization-based digital burner control device. This guarantees the best safety standards currently available on the market.

Drago D2 has two torches and operates in either low or high flame. The regulation of combustive air is independent on each torch to ensure full brightness, thus simplifying the oven management to the full and offering considerable fuel savings.

The control panel is the NEW Drago Control, a highly evolved control panel designed to manage temperatures in relation to the technical specifications of wood-fired ovens. Simple and intuitive to use, not only does it prevent pizzas from being burned, but also guarantees consistent cooking throughout the working day and considerable fuel savings. The actual temperature inside the oven can be checked on the red display at any time, while the green display is used to check, and modify if needed, the desired cooking temperature in an extremely easy manner.

  • BOOSTER function allows to set a timer-controlled operation in high flame for a certain number of minutes, with countdown for automatic switch-off: this is specifically designed for cooking Neapolitan-style pizza as it gives the oven a boost for a set time prior to baking.
  • The displays can show the temperature in C° or F°.
  • The burner can be locked on low flame whatever the pre-set desired cooking temperature.
  • The maximum cooking temperature can be set to over 500°C.
  • All buttons are built into the control panel.


Min Kw Max Kw Min Kcal/h Max Kcal/h Min mbar Max mbar Min Nm3/h Max Nm3/h Inches Volt in Watt
DRAGO D2 METAN 6 34 5000 29200 7 25 0,63 3,59 1/2 230V monofase 100
DRAGO D2 GPL 6 34 5000 29200 20 50 0,20 1,22 1/2 230V monophase 100