Automatic ventless fryers with purification system that eliminates fumes and vapours. No extractor hood needed. Two models, up to 300 gr. and up to 600 gr. of product at a time.



Automatic deep fryers, perfect for bars, kiosks, take-away outlets and anywhere without a kitchen.

They include a treatment system that eliminates fumes and vapours, transforming them into water, so no extractor hood connection is required.

They are manufactured in two models, which cook up to 300 g. and up to 600 g. of product respectively at a time.

The 600 + 600 g. double version is the MAXIFRY

With POM’CHEF, you can prepare an incredible variety of tempting snacks in no time at all: chips, potato croquettes, fried baby mozzarella cheese, onion rings, chicken wings, schnitzel, fish, fried custard …….


With POM’CHEF, you can cook delicious fried foods in just a few minutes, with no need for a kitchen or a chef.





Your frozen products are always to hand with the drawer freezer, which can also be mounted in a trolley.


  1. Control keyboard
  2. Load hatch
  3. Dicharge hopper
  4. Air recycling system
  5. Frying basket
  6. Oil basin

WHY BUY A POM’CHEF DEEP FRYER?To create a new business line in premises not equipped for cookiThese steel counter-top fryers are conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at the Eurochef plant in Modena. They dismantle completely for easier cleaning and no servicing is required. All parts of the appliance are dishwasher-proof, even the seals.

They are automatic appliances, requiring no operator surveillance while foods are cooking!

Technical  data  

Specifications   Pom’Chef KL4  Pom’Chef KL3
Product charging quantity 300 gr 600 gr
Oil capacity 5.5 liters 9 liters
Power supply* 220/240 V – 50/60 Hz 220/240 V – 50/60 Hz
Heating power* 2.5 kW 3 kW
Total power* 3 kW 3.4 kW
Dimensions width 59cm, depth 57cm, height 57cm width 59cm, depth 64cm, height 57cm
Weight 57 kg 64 kg

* Other supply voltages and power ranges are available on request